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Series III SWB Soft Top Rear Seats - Advice Needed

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Series III SWB Soft Top Rear Seats - Advice Needed  Empty Series III SWB Soft Top Rear Seats - Advice Needed

Post by Alistair on Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:45 am

Hi everyone - This is a re-post of an earlier post I made on the AULRO forum.  Perhaps there is a different audience on this forum...

I need some advice and evidence on the legality in WA of rear seats in Series III (SWB) soft top vehicles.

To cut a long story short, I recently imported my car from the UK as a 6 seater soft top with rear inwards facing bench seats (2 x people each side) in the rear, fitted as factory standard.  A completely legal and standard option in the UK.

At the initial Roadworthy the WA DoT inspector objected to the rear seats in the cargo area of a UTE as he perceived it. (As though the thing is a truck cab with a tray back to which a couple of seats are bolted). The only way ahead was to remove the rear seats for the re-test. I did this and the vehicle passed and is now successfully registered and on the road as a 2 seat UTE.

That is great, however it doesn't meet my seating requirement (4 occupants minimum) and I now want to (legally) put at least two seats into the rear.

I do have a number of possible options and have got a modification permit for this, subject to the installation of a certified ROPS.  I do however need some advice and evidence to strengthen my case for my basic option which is to simply put in the two original bench seats in their original position as this is how the car was built.

Does anyone here own an original Australian specification Series III SWB soft top (any age but circa 1982 ideally) with factory fitted rear seats (and belts)? Any configuration of rear seats would do, be it bench seats or 4 x inwards facing single seats (which was also a UK option). It does need to be a soft top however as that is the current sticking point...

If so, could you send me some photos of the rear seating arrangement and a description of how the vehicle is registered?  WA DoT are absolutely insistent that this seating configuration cannot be legal in WA and I need to prove otherwise.




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Series III SWB Soft Top Rear Seats - Advice Needed  Empty Re: Series III SWB Soft Top Rear Seats - Advice Needed

Post by ChrisTottman on Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:15 pm

Hi Alistair,

I have discussed this with the club and there are a few members here with the shorty series LR.

They have advised that you will have issues with the Soft Top as the seats can only be used with additional reinforcement installed and anchor points for seatbelts etc.

The members here have hard-top SWB series Landrovers and said that even with that the list for compliance was very large and complicated, the end result was that the members went down the same path as yourself unfortunately and registered their vehicles as two seater utilities or three seater in the case of a bench seat.

Chris Tottman
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