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front electric condenser/thermo fans issue

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front electric condenser/thermo fans issue Empty front electric condenser/thermo fans issue

Post by outerlimit on Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:22 pm

right. the water pump has crapped it 6 days before the new one arrives from everyones best friend ebay. and ive started on my electric fan conversion ready to drop in once the pumps been done. but i have a new issue.

i discovered this afternoon the A/c condenser / emergency thermo fans are dead. like dead dead.

they spin freely but i tried ramming 12 volts of straight battery power down their gullets and they just wont go. definitely doesnt look like their re buildable.

i am redoing the whole cooling system basically from the ground up. replacing thermostat, thermo switch ( both are slightly lower temps but not by much) retaining the origional wiring lines for the front thermos but drawing a secondary wire from the switch to relays to deliver the neccesary amperage to run the rear thermos, and keeping the radiator.

quite frankly im not interested in getting smashed by ebay demanding over 700 dollars per fan so has anyone had this issue and found a (much cheaper and effective) alternate? a directly swap motor that mounts into the origional shroud? at least a supplier whos not gonna want the value of your car just for a pair?

or do i just get rid of em and figure out what else may fit there instead?

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